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Who are you…

I know its a great song, but if I’m going to have a blog then my audience,you guys, might as well know a bit about me.

So, I’m Tom, 16, putting me in year 11. As well as school I’m going my Gold Duke of Edinburgh(DofE) with my Explorer group. Some of my know to do your DofE your do An expedition, physical, skill and you have to volunteer. For physical I go canoeing and me and my goood friends hope to canoe our expedition. For skill I’m going Remote Control construction and racing, so I’ve bought a FTX Vantage brushless RC buggy.Me and my friend do our volunteering at our local wood, chopping and burning mostly. Doing this in the North West of England.

Today’s Youtube channel is FPSRussia, a brilliant guy shooting guns and strange review style.



Heres his video with the AA 12, the fully automatic shotgun.


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