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I’m starting again…

I had stopped blogging, but now I will start again.

Today was Remembrance Sunday and as an Explorer Scout it was my duty to join in the parade through the town. Unlike the Army Cadets, we scouts do not march, rather we saunter. You could even say we are worse than the young scouts behind us.

When I got home I still had my homework (or as they’d have us say home ‘learning‘ because learning at home isn’t a chore) . The time of my life has come when I shall be taking exams for the sake of it, Mock exams. I have done any revision yet and it is getting late now least that’s my excuse.

All homework to a ,hopefully good enough standard ,without boring me, I borrowed my brothers new game. Skyrim. I played it yesterday and agreed with my brother that it is one brilliant game. Sadly my brothers going back to University tomorrow and I wont be able to borrow it again. Luckily I had been paid the other day so Skyrim is on order from amazon.

Be sure to comment and a review is in the pipeline should there be interest for a Skyrim review.



Well I’m back from parent’s evening and its all good, but I still see it as boring and somewhat unneeded.

You may have noticed, I have added a new page, Youtube I’ve called. Simply because its where I’ll post youtube channels to subscribe to and must see videos. Only one channel up there now but that’ll change with time, more pages will be added, promise.

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Good day, so far that is ,I’ve still got parents evening to go to. Though I can’t see a bad report, only wasted time and uncomfortable time, having people talk about.

Did how ever learn something unexpected. The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, heroes of me and many others, being the creators of the first plane. According to an article read by my English teacher. the plane was created for use in war. When interviewed on the reason why the couple had created the contraption Wilbur simply stated,”War”.

Hopefully when I’m back from parents evening I be in the mood to write something more substantial.

1902 Wright Brothers' Glider Tests - GPN-2002-...

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